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    Digital Marketing: Organic and Paid Marketing

    Digital Marketing: Organic and Paid Marketing

    A lot of the time, people believe that digital marketing is just one simple form. However, it falls under two categories of either organic or paid marketing. These two kinds of digital marketing are very different, therefore, individuals should understand the differences. It is important for marketers to know who their audience is before they decide on organic or paid marketing. Certain factors to consider are where, when, and how to approach your audience. Then from there, you should have a better understanding of which kind of marketing will make your business succeed.

    Many people choose organic marketing and others may decide to use paid marketing. Depending on what your business needs, the two different approaches can work. Now it is time to get a better understanding of organic and paid marketing.

    Organic and Paid Marketing Blog Post

    Organic Marketing

    Why do people use organic marketing? Organic marketing is the act of naturally increasing your engagement over time. This method can be time-consuming, but rewarding. Since organic marketing occurs naturally, there are many different methods to turn to. It is used through digital marketing, social media, and updating your companies website.

    While many people believe that organic marketing comes free, your company will most likely invest in spending a little bit of money on different software. For example, companies often use automated software applications for scheduling and emailing. Some applications companies invest in are scheduling applications similar to Buffer, Hootsuite, or Agorapulse and then there is email marketing, which includes platforms like Mailchimp, GetReponse, and Sparkpost. Organic marketing does not pay for a particular post but, rather spends money on payments for software. Overall, as soon as organic marketing works effectively,  it creates an increase in website traffic.

    Paid Marketing

    As for paid marketing, it involves a different tactic. Paid marketing, well, of course, uses advertising that you have to pay for. Essentially, it puts your business on the front page of searches. It can often appear at the top of webpages and have words attached such as “Ad” or “Sponsored”, which indicates a paid advertisement.

    Paid marketing uses many strategies like advertising campaigns. These kinds of advertisements are displayed on websites and can be located at the top, bottom, or the sidebar of webpages. This method is an effective way to increase activity from people browsing the web. It can help target potential customers since it focuses on a user’s interests.

    Now you may be wondering how paid advertising works. Well, to obtain advertising on websites, marketers will pay owners of ad space to have their company advertised on those webpages. Some paid marketing strategies include pay-per-click (PPC), social media ads, influencer marketing, banner ads, ad targeting, and more. Overall, the different methods of paid marketing campaigns can increase traffic and leads.

    Before your Final Decision

    Before jumping to the conclusion that you should start off with paid marketing, we believe testing the waters of organic marketing is always useful. This is because organic marketing can help the business form a more impactful relationship with your audience and can even save your company some money.  Organic marketing does not come easy, but starting off with organic marketing and slowly bringing paid marketing strategies into the mix can save your business money.

    Overall, digital marketing is an important factor to increase relationships with your audience. Whether you decide on organic or paid marketing, understand which form of marketing will benefit your company best.

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