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    Relatable Online Content for Your Social Media Accounts

    What is relatable online content for your social media accounts?

    This should not be as difficult as we think. If we take a look at the kind of content we want to produce, this gives us a starting point. Are we creating content for a business? A personal account? Just for fun? Do we want to sound professional or humorous? These are the questions we need to think of before we start creating content.

    Logging onto your social media accounts is the start of most of our days, especially when your job is social media related. You can wake up and post a #TBT of you and your best friends on Spring break from 3 years ago on your personal Instagram, but I don’t think that the same content would go over too well from your company’s social media.

    We are constantly struck with the question, “how do I find relatable online content for my company’s social media accounts?”

    The answer to this question is easier than we think.

    Trending/Popular Pages:

    First, we can find relatable online content on trending/popular pages such as Twitter’s Trending page which features the most popular topics currently being talked about, or Instagram’s popular page. These platforms are two platforms that can be used to find content that viewers will be aware of and interested in. Whether we find the newest meme trend or a popular controversial topic, social media is all about going viral.

    What Your Viewers Are Interested in:

    Engage with your viewers and their posts they are creating themselves. Interact with them on their social media pages (in a professional manner of course). Taking an interest in their posts will make your company seem more “real” and not as though there is a robot typing behind the keyboard.

    In addition to knowing where to find relatable content, it is also important to know when to post. It would not make sense to post an interesting post at midnight when everyone is sleeping. So, it is important for there to be scheduled posts. There are certain apps that allow your company to schedule real posts that you have previously created. Examples of these apps include Plann, TweetDeck, Hootsuite, etc. Scheduling your posts allows your viewers to rely on your social media content. They know they can rely on your company for fresh new posts at roughly the same time of day/week.

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