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    Generating Leads, Dating, Same Thing.

    Generating Leads in Marketing closely relates to dating. But even if your knowledge of dating is nonexistent, it doesn’t mean you will not be good at generating leads.

    Unfortunately, lead generation doesn’t have a Tinder or Bumble app readily available, so we must come up with leads on our own. If we take a look at the similarities between the two, generating leads will come more easily.

    Finding your leads

    First, we need to know where to get our leads, much like dating. Except instead of going to the bar or a cafe, we go to Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites to gather leads that may be interested in us. Knowing where to find our leads can be the most difficult part. If you are making sure you have a clear business plan and a clearly defined target audience, this can save you time and money in the long run.

    Getting to know one another

    Second, after we acquire our leads and meet someone we would consider dating, we plan to get to know one another. For leads, we usually get to know each other through email chains or conferences. But with a date, we usually tend to go for something a little more private. Such as dinner and a movie.

    You are probably thinking about how different of a concept this is. But, if we think of our leads as people we would want to spend our time with, it will be easier to generate them. If finding new leads has been a challenge for you in the past, it may be time to look at a new approach. So which one are you better at? Let’s remember not to mix the two.

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