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    Generating Leads Through Blog Posts

    Tips For Creating Better Content  

    Creating content for your business blog can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. When creating content, you need to remember a few guidelines to grab your leads attention:

    1. Create a Captivating Title Your Readers will Want to Click on

              • Avoid large vocabulary words
              • Make sure your title relates to the content

    There are ways to create a captivating title while remaining serious. If readers do not stumble upon your blog post, chances are they searched for the content. Whether they searched through hashtags or keywords, your title will be their first impression. When creating a title, it is acceptable to be charming, but attempt to stray away from large vocabulary words. No one wants to Google every other word to understand your points. 

    2. Develop Relatable Content

              • Keep it to the point
              • Use keywords in your posts

    Content that others want to read, share, and send to a friend is your end game. While keeping your content to the point, this allows readers to get the information they came for, without reading any unnecessary “fluff”. Using keywords in your posts can ensure that the main points are getting across.

    3. Engage With Your Audience

      • Answer any questions leads may have after reading your blog
      • Encourage feedback

    Answering any questions asked about the blog can go a long way with your readers. Being readily available demonstrates professionalism on your behalf. Allowing your readers to engage in the posts can generate more leads because they see that you are also engaging with others as a real person behind the keyboard. 


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