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    How Can I Find More Potential Customers Online?

    The first rule of thumb to find new customers is to determine who your trying to target. What is your business trying to sell consumers? It’s a simple rule and if more businesses took the time to understand this simple philosophy they would gain a much better understanding of their business and reach their goals far more quickly and easily.

    Almost every new client we work with has said the same thing “If only we had heard about you sooner, we would have saved so much money trying to reach new customers.” The sad part about using search engine advertising program like Google Adwords to attract more business is that it can be very costly as your being forced to compete with companies that have been doing this for years and have already learned what works and what doesn’t.

    So the question remains “How Can I Find More Potential Customers Online?” Here are a list of things you can try to reach new customers, increase sales and build a great business.

    • Make sure you have a clear business plan and clearly define your target audience. This can save you thousands in advertising costs as you can be more specific about where you target your ads.
    • Determine if your business plan and your target market matches up with what your web site is saying. Far to many times we have seen business owners say this is our core business and this is who we are looking to buy our products or use our services, but when you look at their web site the two don’t line up at all. Its very important to make sure that your web site contains clear and concise messaging about exactly who your trying to target.
    • Don’t be afraid of Social Media! Not every business will thrive in every social environment online, so make sure your not dumping tons of money into one t social media network that happens to be the most trendy at the moment. Spread social media budget around and see which one is the right fit for your business. We have found that promoting some businesses work far better on a site like Facebook as apposed to a site like Twitter and the opposite is also true. 

    So that’s it for part one of our 5 part series on “How Can I Find More Potential Customers Online?” Check back soon for part 2 where we will talk about the different sites you can use to get new customers.

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