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    How to Optimize Your Advertising Campaigns

    A Simple Guide to Successful Advertising Campaigns

    First off, what is Advertising Optimization?

    Advertising Optimization is the increase of the impact an advertisement receives. The bigger the increase, the more return- on- investment (ROI).

    Knowing where you are in your optimization, can help improve future advertisements. Let’s focus on digital advertisements.

    For example, if your last advertisement did not grab the attention of as many viewers as you had planned, look at what went wrong. After thinking it through and outweighing the bad, use this information for the next advertisement.

    When looking at your previous digital advertisement, what were the mistakes? Many digital advertisers make the same mistake and wonder why their advertisements are not taking off.

    Here are some common mistakes:

    Setting automatic advertisements and forgetting about them.

    With digital advertisements on Facebook, there are features where you can select a day and time for Facebook to automatically set out an ad for your company. Sure, this sounds like a great feature which in return allows you to focus on other work you have going on. But, a common mistake is forgetting the ad was set in the first place. It is important to make time for the advertisement before it goes out, during, and after. Taking a look at the ad and seeing what time in the campaign the traffic is at its highest will help plan the next future advertisement campaigns.

    Not paying attention to the timing of an advertisement.

    It should go without saying that you wouldn’t want to place an ad about Christmas in the middle of July. A good suggestion of what to do would be, posting relatable content for the time of the year. Summer advertisements should be seen throughout the season, and Holiday friendly ads should be placed during the winter months. Being aware of the timing of your ad will help ensure it’s being seen by the correct audience at the correct time.

     Optimizing your advertisements seems difficult, but if you avoid these common mistakes, you will be able to excel in your campaigns. Good luck!

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