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    Organization for your Social Media Content in the New Year

    Focus on Organization for the New Year 

    With the new year, there is always room to increase your organizational skills. An individual who is within a role revolved around social media can have hectic days if their organization tactics are a bit messy. Everyone organizes their daily tasks differently, but here are some helpful organizational skills and programs. Keep reading to learn more about important organization techniques.

    Creating a Social Content Calendar 

    I find that the most important step is to create a social media content calendar. Typically, I use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to create my social media content calendar. These two different applications make it easier to map out future posts every month. In addition, when creating the calendar it is convenient to include different sections. The sections that I include are dates, the title of the content, digital marketing category, time, social media platform, post automation, and the descriptions that go along with the content. After the outline of the content calendar is finished, fill out all of the information that is necessary.  Here is an example of what a potential social calendar can look like (before filling out all of the information).

    IMG_6828 (2)

    Automated Software Application

    Once the content calendar is finished, it is helpful to use an automated software application. There are many different automated software applications that can be used to automatically post content. Many different programs offer packages that allow the user to schedule content, dates, times, social platforms and caption descriptions. However, before a decision is made about a particular program, I would advise doing research about which program is the most beneficial for your company. One automated software application that is common is Buffer. Buffer is great because it is easy to maneuver and contains prominent qualities for an automated software program. Some other programs that are popular to use are Hootsuite, Agorapulse, MeetEdgar, Sprinklr, Socialreport and many more.


    The Last Few Steps

    The last step is to double-check that all the content is scheduled on your desired automated software application. This article is just one of many ways for individuals to maintain an organized agenda. Individuals within a social media position could use a similar tactic or create a new organization method that works for them.



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