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    How to Stay Engaged with your Community

    Apr 23, 2020 Uncategorized
    How to Stay Engaged with your Community 

    Having a plan to remain engaged with your business’s community is important. Engagement with your community will create more successful relationships for current and future customers. To grow your business it can be challenging to attain the goals and success for the business. To gain insight into customers, there are different methods that are helpful to increase engagement.

    How To_ Stay Engaged with your Community

    1. Customer Service

    For any business, having superior customer service goes a long way. A company with great customer service is going above and beyond when interacting with your customers. Some successful interactions with your customers can occur through telephone, comments, and emails. Customer service through telephones allows immediate interaction with your customers. As for comments, and emails, it creates a unique relationship that allows the business to answer questions and concerns at the companies earliest convenience. In addition, a comment back allows current and future customers or clients to view responses, this can help with their questions and concerns. 

    2. Offer Reviews for Clients 

    Reviews left by your community can impact the engagement with your customers. Through reviews left on Google Reviews or Yelp, it can allow individuals to have a more positive experience with your business from these interactions. In addition, reviews allow customers to give feedback to your company.

    3. Ask for Feedback

    A business can be surprised by the feedback that their customers give them regarding their business, products, or services. There are many different ways to ask for feedback, feedback can occur through surveys, questionnaires, and customer feedback forms. Also, asking your community for personal feedback can be a successful method as well. In most cases, this can be done by personally asking for feedback or posting questions to social media accounts and waiting for the responses. 

    4. Social Media

    Social media is an impactful strategy to engage with your community. While social media has a lot of different ways to approach current or potential customers, there are a few ways to succeed. Social media is necessary to have for a company that is looking to leverage its interactions. Different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great social media platforms to use to understand the insights. The insights on these platforms can help to know what customers are liking and the customer’s buying habits for your products or services. Overall, social media can let a business know what customers like or dislike about what the company has to offer. 

    5. Hosting Events for your Company

    A business with a tight-knit community can benefit from an event. An event can be hosted in an area that is local or an area where your target market lives. In addition to this, basing an event off of a local area or a target market can allow customers to respond positively or negatively. Hosting an event will provide a chance to interact with customers on a different level. On the other hand, if your business is solely online and is unable to host an in-person event, you can still host online events. Online events can be great for individuals to still have a chance for a better connection with your company’s community. 

    6. Creating a Customer Online Community 

    Creating an online community for your customers allows them to form a community outside of your business. While this kind of online community profile will allow you to get information from your clients, it can also allow your customers to interact with one another. An example of an online community is a Facebook page where individuals can discuss the business, products, or services. 

    Engagement with your Community

    Throughout this blog post, we hope it is clear that having a plan for engaging with your customers is necessary when it comes to your business. Remain engaged with your customers and always be on the lookout for attracting new ones. Lastly, good luck growing your business and engaging with your community!

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