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    The Importance of Responding to Positive and Negative Reviews

    Apr 9, 2020 Uncategorized

    Reputation for a Business Through Reviews

    For a business, it is important to have an online presence. Businesses often focus on sustaining a positive reputation. While this may be true, it is crucial to be aware of both positive and negative reviews.

    After a good or bad experience, customers or clients often turn to different platforms to leave their reviews. Some popular platforms to find reviews are on Yelp or Google. As people look at their company’s reviews, their first instinct is often to respond to the overwhelming amount of negative reviews. However, responding to positive comments or concerns is just as important as responding to negative ones.

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    The Importance of Positive Reviews

    Responding to a positive review creates more value to the relationship that has already previously been formed with the customer or client. The response to a positive comment or concern allows individuals to maintain trust with the business. Furthermore, it will show that the business appreciates the customers and clients. Once a business begins to thank the customers and clients, other people may be more likely to leave a positive review too. Overall, any individual that leaves a positive review can benefit the company in the long run.

    If you’re wondering how to respond to the reviews, here are some suggestions. First off, it is important to make each response to customers or clients unique. By unique, I mean don’t just copy and paste the response for every positive review you receive. Rather, address important points that are stated in the review and thank them for finding those particular qualities about the company positive. In addition, make sure to address the individual by their name and respond quickly to the reviews. These two factors will upscale your business to appear appreciative, responsible, and professional. While responding to positive reviews is important, it is also necessary to respond to the negative reviews.

    The Importance of Negative Reviews

    A negative review may feel like an attack on your business however, don’t let negative comments or concerns go unresponded. Unfortunately, you can’t just ignore a negative comment or concern. Ignoring a negative review will only hurt your business. By replying to a bad review it creates an opportunity for others to have a better outlook on your business.

    Look at it this way. If a customer or client came into your business in person and complained, you would not just ignore the issue. Instead, you would tackle the situation head-on and find a solution. Therefore, the same should apply for online reviews. While a negative review may feel harsh, it should be dealt with how you would in person. It is important to refrain from answering the comment or concern out of anger. Rather, direct the issue at hand and apologize to the individual if necessary. In addition, advise the individual what you would like to do to resolve the problem or what the company will do for the future. This will allow the individual to appreciate the response and for others to view the company as more respectful and professional.

    The Takeaway of a Review

    From this article, we hope that you have taken away some new information that will benefit your business’s online presence. It is important to understand the impact of responding to positive and negative reviews and how it reflects your business. Overall, always remember to stay respectful and professional to your clients or customers for any kind of review the company receives.



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